They Didn’t Return

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They Didn’t Return


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My dear friends,
This collection of stories for you is of mixed tastes. It is mixed in the sense that is has stories of many varieties. Some are moral stories in the traditional style, while some are emotional stories you enjoy reading. Here also are stories that make serious arguments about the rights and interests of children like you, while others are apparently political, and they question the unjust rule that does not give children their right. You might ask why the collection has so many verities. The answer is plain: life is itself multicolored, and things of many colors, like a rainbow, are beautiful.
The stories have been graded. Simple, fable and fairy-tale types are placed in the beginning, and more serious and psychologically deeper ones at the back.
I am of the opinion that stories henceforth should move out the old fable tradition to new, psychological and scientific trend. I am aware you will slowly train yourself into reading such new writings. This book will inaugurate what type of stories I have in my store for you in the days to come.
Your suggestions and remark will help me improve. Do write to me!
Mahesh Paudyal